Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rescuing the polar bears

It has been such an exciting day! We wrapped up warm this morning because we knew it would be cold in the Arctic ocean. After a bumpy ride in the boat, we spotted the stranded polar bears.

Our expert marksman loaded the tranquiliser and took aim. He got the bears first time, which was amazing as the boat was rocking around like mad!

We waited until they were fully asleep before we moved the bears. They were amazing up close - and a little bit scary!

We couldn't wait to write our diaries that night. it was such an exciting day!

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  1. I liked your acting.
    from Nathan from IST .

  2. Hello the 2/1s News.
    I wonder what your doing rite now. Did you enjouy acting and saving the poler Bears
    From:Cristina in IST

  3. It was really hard work saving the polar bears, but we were lucky enough to help them!

    By Miss BB


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