Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flying to Alaska!

What a generous offer we had from Sir Richard Branston - free flights to Alaska! So it's off to the airport we go...

Passport control checked our photos carefully.

We had to watch a flight safety film before take off, then we were away!

We saw some amazing things on our flight over the UK, Greenland, Canada and Alaska. All the places looked so different!

We wrote some lovely letters home to pur families about our flight. Of course we then thought we had better write to Sir Richard Branson to say thank you for his generous offer.

Look at some of our letters!


  1. What an exciting time you all have in your classroom! A plane flight is amazing! Next time you go PLEASE can I come too!! I loved your letters. You all write beautifully.
    From Mrs. K at Craigburn P.S.

  2. What lucky children to get free flights from Richard Branson - I am sure he will be very pleased to see your beautifully written thank you letters. Woodpeckers took a 'flight' to India last term. Mrs Bowers son was the pilot. It was the first time some of the Woodpeckers had been on a plane. How many of you have been on an aeroplane before? How was your landing? Did you see any polar bears?

  3. that is very nice letter from natahlia and shaniah.


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