Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We are joining in and blogging for February 29th!

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Badgers are joining in and blogging for the 29th Feb!

We made lists today of 29 fabulous things about Roydon Primary School.

1. We have got 45 ipads in our school and some for each class!

2. We have a lovely, but bonkers teacher called Miss BB (it's true you know!)

3. We have a big field that used to belong to a farmer.

4. We have over 2000 books in our library.

5.We have a wild area with a pond and decking.

6. We have two playgrounds.

7. Lots of lovely people come to help us in class with our learning.

8. We are making an igloo out of milk bottles in our quiet area.

9. We have lots of dressing up clothes in our classroom.

10. We are going to have a sensory garden in our school.

11. We have nice trips out to places like the theatre.

12. We do lots of lovely and fun work in class.

13. We have a garden where we grow vegetables and things.

14. We sometimes do cooking at school and make things like biscuits.

15. We went to Alaska and rescued some polar bears recently!

16. We have a lovely head teacher at our school.

17. Father Christmas talked to us on the interactive whiteboard this year!

18. We do lots of great things in P.E. like dancing and yoga and we get to use the gym equipment too.

19. We have school councillors and ours are called Ben and Molly.

20. We have got some children in our class who can speak different languages!

21. We have got a quiet area, a mound and big football pitches on our field.

22. There are lots of clubs at our school. We can do multiskills which is good fun and keeps you fit.

23. All of our classes have the names of British wild animals.

24. We are getting goldfish as a class pet!

25. We have courtesy cards in school and the class that gets the most every half term gets £60 to spend on what they choose! We bought our fish tank when we won.

26. We have lots of lovely toys and games to play with in our class.

27. Every day we get a piece of fruit at snack time.

28. We do lots of drama in our class and we pretend to be different people.

29. We have a box of puppets in class that we can play with.

We had lots more ideas as everybody thought of nearly 29 each! These were the most popular ones.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Off to Roydon gym!

Come and join us for a little bit of circuit training in Roydon gym! We warm up with a bit of a boogie to 'Cotton Eye Joe' then give our muscles a bit of a stretch before we start.

You can try the stepper and the walking machines.

The twister and the bicycle.

You can do a spot of yoga in between if you like! Or spotty dogs, star jumps, crunchies and other mat work.

The rowing machine is tough! We all like the running machine.

What do you like doing in PE?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super shapes and symmetry

We made some symmetrical patterns with beads. Do you like them?

Some of us made some shapes on the pegboards. We had to make triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons and hexagons.

Lovely white stuff

Some of us got to play in the lovely white stuff at the end of the day today!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Some finishing touches!

We put some finishing touches to our ibooks today. We added some colour and made some headings stand out. We then made sure we had page numbers and that our contents page was finished.

Now we have to go back and proof read our writing to check that all of our facts are correct!

We hope to share them with the world soon!