Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This morning the employees at P.E.A.C.E received a very distressed phone call ...

A family that are currently enjoying one of our adventures in Alaska have been out whale watching. They have seen a very disturbing sight. There are two polar bears drifting on a small iceberg in the middle of the ocean. They left a message on our answer phone and an email asking 'Can we help them?'

We thought about what it would be like to be the polar bears.

We also managed to interview a couple of polar bears!

All the employees decided that we must try to help them.
But ...

I'm not sure that we can. I know that stranded polar bears may starve or drown, but I'm not sure what we can do. They are very dangerous animals after all. We can't go to close to them as they will be hungry and could hurt us. What on Earth will we do?


  1. Do be careful everyone - Polar bears can be very dangerous but they are also beautiful creatures and deserve to live a safe life here on Earth. Maybe you could investigate how the way we live affects their habitat. Could you let us know what sort of things we could do to change this. Maybe you could make a poster that we could put up in our classroom.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. How upsetting it is to see bear cubs alone like that. Do you think global warming had something to do with their plight? Please tell me what happened to them. Were they rescued? It's wonderful to know that young people are so concerned about our environment.
    From Mrs. Kolenberg

  3. polar bears are the largest land predator. We can help them by turning off our computers at night. Oli Floyd, age 6

  4. You are right Oli! We need to think of other ways that we can stop global warming and help these beautiful creatures. Maybe we will have some ideas when you next look.

  5. I like that your helping poler bears

    Year 6 of St Botolphs Primary

  6. im a year five and i liked the colourful pictures, they realy caught my eye.

  7. Looks like you had a great time learning about Polar bears, hope you don't meet one! Good job.

    - Yr 5 and 6

  8. You can ask to the rescuers of animals for some help but if they are not there you can ask a boat rescuer to do something. You can have the computer but not a very long time because the ice berg would melt.From MARIA

  9. Hello boys and girls,
    I am Miss Ash, the Year 2 teacher at The International School of Toulouse, France. We are part of your quad blogging group. Today my class read your posts with interest and we had time to discuss the problem of the polar bears. Unfortunately we ran out of time for the children to write their ideas. So I made notes and here are their suggestions typed up by me.
    1. See if you can get a helicopter to airlift the bears to safety.
    2. Throw fish to them so they can eat and then tie a strong rope or cable around the iceberg and drag them to safety.
    3. Fire a dart with harmless sleeping potion at the polar bears and when they are fast asleep you can get them on the boat and sail them to the land where they will wake up happy to be home.
    We will visit your blog again soon to find out if there is more news on the polar bears.
    We especially liked your video. Well done.
    From Miss and Y2

  10. Thank you for all your lovely comments! We are raising money at the moment to pay for our flights to Alaska as the company hasn't got enough.

    More posts coming soon!

    From Miss BB


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