Saturday, January 21, 2012

Where has all the money gone?

We received a call from the manager. It was not good news. Unfortunately P.E.A.C.E. has run out of funds and doesn't have enough for the flight to Alaska! Oh dear.

We blamed Callum and Caitlin who look after the finances. Some of us thought they should be sacked for not looking after company money very well. It was a big decision to make! At the start, half agreed they should be sacked and the other half thought they should be given a second chance. Lots of employees gave their reasons.

Luckily for Callum and Caitlin lots of employees changed their minds and the majority thought they should be given a second chance. Erin then had the difficult job of telling Mr Marley that it might take us a bit longer to get to Alaska.

He told her, "Please hurry, the iceberg is starting to melt!"

So we set to work quickly to raise funds for our trip.

We hoped the pictures would show the public the plight of the stranded polar bears.

We also put up some persuasive posters. We are hoping to raise enough money to help these magnificent creatures.


  1. As a huge fan of wildlife, this post has made me feel sad for the polar bears. But what has made me really happy is the work that you are doing to save them. Let me know if I can help in anyway and keep up the good work.

    Mr Harrison
    Miriam Lord, Bradford.

  2. Hello,
    It sounds like Callum and Caitlin have quite a difficult job managing the finances for such an important project. I'm glad the majority of you voted to give them a second chance! Well done to Erin for making the tricky phone call.
    Perhaps you could raise some money by selling some of your gorgeous art work. Your collages are great. I love the different shades of blue that you have used to make the Arctic sea water.
    I'll be interested to read how you raise the necessary money.
    Miss Ash
    The International School of Toulouse

  3. Oh my goodness you are doing a tremendous job to help these bears. I think Miss Ash's idea of an art exhibition would be a wonderful way to get some much needed funds. It is terrific to see you all working towards a common goal and persevering even when things get difficult.
    From Mrs.K at Craigburn P.S.


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