Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rescuing the polar bears

It has been such an exciting day! We wrapped up warm this morning because we knew it would be cold in the Arctic ocean. After a bumpy ride in the boat, we spotted the stranded polar bears.

Our expert marksman loaded the tranquiliser and took aim. He got the bears first time, which was amazing as the boat was rocking around like mad!

We waited until they were fully asleep before we moved the bears. They were amazing up close - and a little bit scary!

We couldn't wait to write our diaries that night. it was such an exciting day!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

A big dilemma

P.E.A.C.E had another dilemma to contend with today. They were really excited to see that they had made the news in America! However, they had to make a big decision about what they would do with the polar bears once they had rescued them.

A lady called Anna from the zoo was worried about the lonely polar bear.

She tried really hard to persuade P.E.A.C.E. to bring the bears to 'sunny Florida' where they would be very well looked after. We thought very carefully about what the bears in the zoo and the bears in the wild must be thinking and how they might be feeling.

A zoo polar bear

Stranded polar bears.

Wild polar bears

Thought tracking -what the polar bears are thinking and how they are feeling.

(Pictures and video taken by Caitlin on the ipad)

After lots of discussion, a decision was made and the majority of the company chose to take the bears back to the wild where they thought they would be the happiest.

We then had an email from our manager back in the UK. He said that he had heard that P.E.A.C.E had made the news in America and that we ought to get some reporters in the UK interested too.

It would be good for promoting the company! (News coming soon!)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A bit of a problem

The polar bears stuck on the iceberg are causing a bit of a problem for the P.E.A.C.E employees. They are not sure about the best way of rescuing them safely. They had to do a lot of thinking.

They realised that they didn't have enough money for a helicopter and had to do a lot more thinking and reasoning about what to do next.

After a lot of thought, they completed their advice forms on how to rescue the stranded bears.

Mud, mud lovely mud!!!

We had a fantastic time making mud faces. The mud felt a bit cold at first but it was good fun. As Charlie said, "That was brilliant." I couldn't have put it better myself.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flying to Alaska!

What a generous offer we had from Sir Richard Branston - free flights to Alaska! So it's off to the airport we go...

Passport control checked our photos carefully.

We had to watch a flight safety film before take off, then we were away!

We saw some amazing things on our flight over the UK, Greenland, Canada and Alaska. All the places looked so different!

We wrote some lovely letters home to pur families about our flight. Of course we then thought we had better write to Sir Richard Branson to say thank you for his generous offer.

Look at some of our letters!

Polar bears

The Northern Lights

Shades of white!

We are enjoying learning about polar bears and their Arctic home.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Where has all the money gone?

We received a call from the manager. It was not good news. Unfortunately P.E.A.C.E. has run out of funds and doesn't have enough for the flight to Alaska! Oh dear.

We blamed Callum and Caitlin who look after the finances. Some of us thought they should be sacked for not looking after company money very well. It was a big decision to make! At the start, half agreed they should be sacked and the other half thought they should be given a second chance. Lots of employees gave their reasons.

Luckily for Callum and Caitlin lots of employees changed their minds and the majority thought they should be given a second chance. Erin then had the difficult job of telling Mr Marley that it might take us a bit longer to get to Alaska.

He told her, "Please hurry, the iceberg is starting to melt!"

So we set to work quickly to raise funds for our trip.

We hoped the pictures would show the public the plight of the stranded polar bears.

We also put up some persuasive posters. We are hoping to raise enough money to help these magnificent creatures.