Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy bears back home!

Aren't the northern lights beautiful?
We had to make a picture of the northern lights and a polar bear underneath it.

It was fun. We used the computer. By Molly and Eleanor


  1. Hello 2 1 news I really liked your pictures.

  2. I like how you paited your bears

  3. I have been off-line for a little but I cannot tell you how relieved I am to hear that the polar bears are home safely. I have been worrying about them for weeks - well done everyone.

    Mr Harrison
    Miriam Lord, Bradford.

  4. We are so glad the polar bears are safe now. We liked your pictures. Did you use crayons and paint? They are very colourful.
    From Mrs.K and Room 4 at Craigburn P.S.

  5. We liked your beautiful pictures of the Northern Lights. We also think you used crayon and paint. Tomorrow we are going to make wax resist Great Fire of London paintings now we have seen how to do them well on your blog and on Mrs Ks blog in Australia.

  6. Great guesses! We actually used a computer program called 2simpe paint. It has some great effects doesn't it! Some children drew their polar bears and stuck them on afterwards.

  7. Do you think the Northern Lights are scary or beautiful? When the boat was shaking was it scary?
    Tino at IST

  8. Your paiting looks buteful but did you do it with real paint or with the computer?
    From Sanika at IST

  9. Why did you do the picchors of the poular bears? Did you enjoy it? In Maths week, this week I found out that my family of 5 people weigh the same as a polar bear about 320kg!!!
    from Gustavo

  10. Wow, how did you do that great art wock with the polar bears in your painting? from Niamh at IST

  11. One day we sor a polar bears stradid on a ice berg they loockt lic it was stareving so the p.e.a.s. wercs dsidid to rescyoo the polar bears it was cwit scery but thay did.

    By Phoebe

  12. I enjoy playing on run run chicin.
    By Honey


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