Our class bears

Eleanor took Douglas Bear to Tunisia he had an amazing time, thank you Eleanor

Douglas spent the week in Yorkshire with Natalie. They went to the village where Heartbeat is filmed and had to dress in clothes of the 1960's. Douglas and Natalie met some interesting characters.


Lily spent a week with Noah at Centre Parks near Thetford.
Arthur has been to the farm with Darcie! What an exciting time he has had! 

 Lucky Lily got to go to Brighton with Eleanor in April. Do you recognise any of these great places that she visited? 

Douglas had a busy football weekend when Max took him home.
He then enjoyed himself at Gabrielle's birthday party. All the other guests look to be having fun too.
Look where Douglas spent the holiday with Cara and her family.
 I bet you didn't spend christmas day on the beach surrounded by penguins! What an amazing sight. Douglas and Cara were nearly covered by a blanket of cloud as they stood on the famous Table Top mountain in South Africa. Douglas had a wonderful time, thank you Cara.

iLook what Skyla and Douglas saw, This copy of The Rocket is at the Science Museum in London.
Douglas had a lovely time with Skyla this weekend. He enjoyed playing on all the equipment.

After all that playing Douglas was ready for his cake with Skyla.                        
 Oliver took Douglas to Liverpool where they watched Norwich play.

 They went on a ferry ride on the river Mersey.

Oliver and Douglas had time to go to the moon with Wallace and Gromit.

Then on another bus ride, this time the bus didn't even have a roof!

Lily found a new friend in Australia where Mr and Mrs Stonehewer were staying!
Then she found another friend on the way home!

Some more news from Lily, who is having a whale of a time of course in Australia with Mrs Bradford's mummy and daddy. She has told us about these animals that she has seen.                                                 

This is Mo. This time we remembered the camera and he is in exactly the same place as he was 2 weeks ago.  I know Koalas are lazy, but apart from the odd twitch of his ear he seems to be the very laziest in the whole world.

These Pelicans were being fed with fish, but they kept missing and losing the fish in the water.  How can you miss with a beak that size?


Well would you believe it?  No Mrs Stonehewer didn't make me sit on another termite mound, far worse.  Do you remember that great big rock, as big as a house, called Hanging Rock?  She actually made me sit under it to hold it up, so that it didn't fall on them - what chance does a small rabbit have?

Douglas spent the weekend in London with Charlie.  They went to the Natural History museum, to the Chelsea Football stadium and also travelled on the top deck of a Red double decker London bus.

Charlie and Douglas had to study the bus timetable first! 
Douglas went with Dylan on a surprise trip to Legoland. He had a fantastic time. What amazing weather they had for the end of September.

Lily has really been enjoying herself in Australia. We loved looking at the menus of the food that she had on the plane. She has sent us lots of postcards already and some emails too. It sounds like she is having a wonderfully exciting time! She has seen some cockateels and some wallabies already! Lucky Lily!

Whilst Lily has been having a whale of a time in Australia with Mr and Mrs Stonehewer, Arthur has been waiting patiently for a trip out. Well he was most pleased when Caitlin asked if he would like to go to Turkey. He even packed himself in a bag ready!
News from Lily!
Now Sunday.  I said it was scary, and for a small brown rabbit it was, although Mrs S. Seemed to enjoy it –strange people you have sent me away with.  We went to a little place called Gold Creek, which is just on the edge of Canberra.  There was a market there, and some shops, and pub that tries to be English and sells English Beer in pints, the only place in Australia – everywhere else sells drink in litres, and Mr S. says the Australian beer is rubbish!!  They also do Sunday Lunch like back home.  It was freezing cold, so after lunch we went into the National Reptile Museum.  There were snakes everywhere and I think they were behind glass but I stayed well down in the backpack and just peeped over Mrs S’s shoulder.  I shall write a list of the snakes and we hope the photos will come out so that you can see them when we get back.  By the way I SHALL be coming back, because I am not staying in a country with all these frightening things.
1.      Green Python – young ones are yellow or red, then turn green later.
2.      Eastern Brown – most common snake in Eastern Australia, causes most human deaths!
3.      Tiger snake
4.      Diamond Python
5.      Desert Death Adder
6.      Inland Taipan – most venomous snake in the world.
There were several others, and loads of different dragons, monitors, lizards, a small crocodile about 1/2 metre long, which was not a baby one but a different sort that doesn’t grow very big, and one big cabinet with no glass sides, where people could touch lots of different monitors.  Guess who stroked them?!  Mr S. and I had more sense.  She said they were lovely to feel, quite warm and some had smooth scales and some rough.  Some of the snake containers had dead mice and rats, or insects for their supper.  I am sure they would have enjoyed rabbit on the menu for a change, especially after Mrs S. told me about a snake that tried to eat a Crocodile.  I guess he had just got a bit too greedy, because the snake exploded!!  I expect you might find something about them if you look on the Internet.  And now I have just written you a postcard all about Crocodiles, so my knees are shaking all over again!!

Another email and some photos from Lily!

Dear children

I've never done this before so I hope it works!!  Mr and Mrs S. have been faffing about for ages trying to download all the photos onto their new computer, I'm sure I could have done it in half the time. 

Me at Sydney Airport with our last plane for Canberra -
 I think I look like an undercover cop, but you can see it is me.

Sitting on our patio in the sun.
  Snake at the Reptile Centre, that has made his home in a dog bowl.

 Me by a Bottle Brush flower.
The second and  
very,very last Termite mound. 
This is the colour of a lot of the soil in Australia, especially right in the middle of the country.
The Emu we met.  Look at the teachers and that is how tall he was.
Have fun. Love Lily