Friday, January 6, 2012

Our new ipads!

Today we did some research on our new ipads about the badger. It was VERY exciting! We found facts and had written some down within ten minutes!

We learned how to use our fingers to make the screen bigger and smaller.

We could explain how we found our information, by going on the internet and

the class blog.

We then looked on the class workbook to help us learn lots of things about badgers.

Google is really easy to use on the ipad too!

Then we played some games!

We liked angry birds and the money game best so far. Miss BB says there are lots more to come!


  1. Cool! I bet you have a lot of fun, and learn a lot too!

    Did you enjoy your holidays?

    Pablo Demarchi

  2. Hello to our friends at Roydon Primary School. We are very excited to be one of your Quadblogging Buddies. We are still on holidays in South Australia. The weather has been quite hot. We have had days of 37-39 degrees Celcius! We have spent a lot of time at the beach. What is the weather like for you? Congratulations on getting your i-pads. We look forward to seeing all the great learning you do with them.
    From Mrs. Kolenberg at Craigburn Primary School.

  3. Wow how lucky are all you children, when i was at school we only had one computer for the whole school, how things have changed. A great way for the children to have fun and still learning. Have fun Kerry Flatman

  4. I like angry burds too- I play it at home on my phone! I am very envious of your ipads you lucky things.

  5. you are so lucky you have ipads.


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