Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We are the Squirrels!

Our new class name is Squirrel so we thought we better find out a bit about them. We learnt lots of squirrel facts.


  1. I really enjoyed finding out loads and loads of information about squirrels.
    Elliot Ian Squirrell

  2. Hello I am a yr6 from St.Botolphs school I LOVE your blog there is such a variety of things to see,read and watch it is so bright and colourful it is brillant.

  3. Did you choose the squirrel name yourselves? Did you have a vote? Your display looks fantastic. Everyone must want to stop and have a look at all the great facts about squirrels. We don't have squirrels where I live but we do have possums. They sometimes eat the fruit off my trees!
    From Mrs. k at Craigburn P.S.

  4. I liked how you did your squirrels what are there names caled?

  5. Hello I'm Aksh from Toulouse, in France. I like your display about squirrels. What is your topic? Our topic is about clothes? I am looking forward to reading your answer.
    From Aksh


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