Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lovely white stuff

Some of us got to play in the lovely white stuff at the end of the day today!


  1. It was alot of fun out in the snow did you did a snow man?from Maria at IST

  2. Playing in the snow was great - but when we had a bit of a snowball fight Im just going to tell you I got a bit snowy. By Eleanor

  3. I like plawing wiv the i paddys ol day by isla

  4. Greetings to Ms. Blackburn's class from British Columbia, Canada.

    It looks like you got a nice blanket of snow to enjoy. It is snow-less here in Vancouver, just a bit rainy, but sunshine is to appear this week. I am waiting for the crocuses to pop out of the ground any time now. What flowers do you look forward to appearing in the Spring?
    I hope you are all well!
    Kind regards,
    Kelly Ann Smee
    Author, The Dream Fairies (amazon.com)


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