Saturday, February 25, 2012

Off to Roydon gym!

Come and join us for a little bit of circuit training in Roydon gym! We warm up with a bit of a boogie to 'Cotton Eye Joe' then give our muscles a bit of a stretch before we start.

You can try the stepper and the walking machines.

The twister and the bicycle.

You can do a spot of yoga in between if you like! Or spotty dogs, star jumps, crunchies and other mat work.

The rowing machine is tough! We all like the running machine.

What do you like doing in PE?


  1. That looks such fun - do you have all this equipment at your school?
    Is there anything big enough for the teachers?!

  2. Happy February 29th to our Quad blogging buddies!! Have a great day. We hope to do lots of blogging with our school friends around the world.
    From Mrs. K and Room 4 at Craigburn.

  3. I like to go on the PE equipment at school it keeps everyone fit and healthy

    I've had fun with Arthur going to the park and climbing trees

  4. I'm glad you enjoy the gym equipment Katie! I'm a bit too big for it aren't I!

  5. that is very nice pictures from natahlia and shaniah.


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