Monday, February 6, 2012

Some finishing touches!

We put some finishing touches to our ibooks today. We added some colour and made some headings stand out. We then made sure we had page numbers and that our contents page was finished.

Now we have to go back and proof read our writing to check that all of our facts are correct!

We hope to share them with the world soon!


  1. Hello boys and girls,
    I was planning to look at your blog with my class today but the school was CLOSED!! Yes, there has been lots of snow here in Toulouse and the roads were very slippery this morning making it too dangerous for most people to travel to school. So, we had a Snow Day! Great fun!
    We will look at your work tomorrow. Meanwhile, I would just like to say how impressed I am with your ibooks. They look so professional. Have you done this activity before? Did it take you a long time? What was the most difficult part?
    Well done,
    From Miss Ash

  2. These look amazing - you are very lucky to have ipads to use in school. Would you recommend us to get some? Why?

  3. Hello I love your ibooks could you send me and My class olivia at Ist.

  4. I like playing on the Ipads buceas you can do a lote on them and you can lurn and play whith them.

  5. I like play on a ipad by fabian

  6. I liked learning about the polar bears and want to help save them.
    From Sami Self

  7. i love the ipads because they have super super games slso it has lots of games.

    From Liam and Luke


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