Friday, March 16, 2012

Old or new Roydon?

We tried to find evidence of whether bits of our school were old or new. Here are our photos of areas we liked.


  1. I think your school is a combination of old and new! Just like Craigburn Primary there are things that need to be changed when they get too old or break. Where are those huge pencils? They look as though they are outside. We have sun shelters like yours in schools in Adelaide too.
    From Mrs. K

  2. The photo of the stone with 'BOYS' cut into it makes me think your school is quite old. Over one hundred years old perhaps. Is there a similar stone that has 'GIRLS' written on it?
    It seems a strange idea to us now that boys and girls had to enter the building through different doors, doesn't it? I wonder what things we do today that will seem strange to people of the future...
    Miss Ash


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