Friday, March 16, 2012

Amazing Artwork.

We made lots of sketches of different areas around school. Then we used these to create a press-print block. After that we printed with our blocks , it was quite messy using the ink.
Then Cara had the great idea of using the printed sheets to create a collage of school. The children decided for themselves exactly what to do. I think they made some brilliant decisions.


  1. Hello boys and girls,
    I think your artwork looks fantastic. Cara, your idea of using the printed sheets like a collage or mosaic is brilliant.
    This week we were supposed to visit a local village called Pibrac to do some sketching of the buildings. Our visit had to be cancelled (or postponed, I'm not sure). If it is ok with you I will borrow your ideas and we will sketch our school. I love doing printing so, if we have time, we'll do some of that as well.
    Thank you for sharing and giving me a new idea when I was feeling disappointed about not going on our school trip.
    Miss Ash

  2. Oh this is just lovely art work. Cara how clever you are to think of the collage idea and how well you have all worked together to create your finished piece of work. I think it should be framed and hung in a special place so everyone can see it when they visit your school.


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