Thursday, March 1, 2012

29 fabulous things about Roydon Primary School.

1. We are lucky to have the Ipads to play games.
2. The teachers are very good and help us work.
3.The was-a-log is good for playing IT.
4. We can see frogs in the wild area.
5. Mrs K is very nice to everyone.
6. We have two playgrounds for when it is playtime.
7. The Den is good because it is quiet.
8. The was-a-log is great for practising as a fireman.
9. We have a beautiful blossom tree.
10. We can plat Piranha on the train.
11. The huge field is fantastic as we can run far.
12. The hill is good for rolling down.
13. We can read a book in the quiet area.
14. Mrs K is so so kind.
15. The second playground is a safe place to play football in the autumn and winter.
16. The was-a-log is good for making friends.
17. We are lucky to have loads of computers to work and play on.
18. Sonia cooks lots of wonderful food at lunch time.
19. We are kind and helpful so we can have good friendships at Roydon.
20. We love to go in the quiet area, to be quiet with our best friends.
21. We have a cottage in our classroom.
22. We can pretend to go on a trip on our play train.
23. We have lots of puzzles for us to play.
24. We are lucky to have all the teachers and assistants to teach us new things.
25. The field is good as we can spread out to play football or run on the tracks.
26. We made mud, stone and stick faces with Olly.
27. There are lots of games in our classroom.
28. We can see nature in our wild area.
29. We like doing hard work as it is fun and our teachers and assistants help us.


  1. I liked your Ideas there fantastic tommorow Its my sisters birthday party.

  2. I love the idea of your quiet area. Sometimes when I'm at school I would love to go somewhere to sit and think. A wild area sound fantastic! I think both of our schools have great teachers working in them.
    From Mrs. Kolenberg.


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