Monday, June 10, 2013

What's in the bag?

Today we found a bag outside the chemist just laying in the road! Who on Earth could it belong too? What could be in it? Hmmm...this needed careful thinking and a bit of detective work! We all had some great ideas about what was in the bag! Some thought it was a scientist's or chemist's bag, with dangerous potions in! Others thought it belonged to James Bond.

What do you think could be in this bag?

'It belongs to a farmer'

'It belongs to a miner. There are matches and tnt in there'

'It belongs to Gerrard'

Some of us thought we shouldn't open the bag in case it had dangerous things in. So Jake and Ashton both said  at the same time 'We need a decision alley!' Listen to some of the reasons for and against.

In our decision alley we decided that we should open the bag-but we need to do it very carefully...

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