Monday, June 10, 2013

Opening the bag!

We got some special gloves to open the bag, then Max very carefully opened it. Look what we found!

A fly swat

A rolling pin, jam, aprons and an overall ...

 a biscuit sack, some wasp spray and  some sting relief.

When we saw what was inside, we had lots of different ideas about who the bag belongs to. Ashton thinks the bag belongs to Big Barry baker

Jake thought that the bag belonged to a fly killer.

Darcie thought the bag belong to a baker because it has an apron and a rolling pin.

We then jumped back in time to the previous day and read the news headlines. They helped us a lot!

Some of the villagers shared their thoughts too!

We went to the village to find out what it was like to live there. We agreed it wasn't nice! Look at our freeze frames and soundscapes.

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