Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Poor Phoebe!

One of the WPIT employees had a terrible accident last night when they went out to look for the bats. Poor Phoebe had her dark camouflage clothes on and forgot to use her torch when she crossed the road. She got knocked over by a bicycle and banged her head, so had to go to hospital!  One of the WPIT employess said that she wasn't doing her job properly so should be sacked! others agreed, but Phoebe said she needed her job because she has a family. the WPIT employees had a big discussion over whether she should be sacked or not and they gave their reasons why. Lots of employees felt sorry for her - anyone can make a mistake and she had been hurt so probably wouldn't do it again.
Decision alley!
We made a decision not to sack her, then thought about her feelings about it all.
One employee suggested that we help her, so that it didn't happen again. Ashton said it would be a good reminder for everyone, because we are all forgetful. Then Darcie said we need to help remind her by putting posters, so that's what we did! We found some special clothes to help her be safe and be seen so that it doesn't happen again.
Wear reflective clothing

Don't go out in the dark in black!
Be safe, be seen!
Phoebe is much safer now!

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