Monday, April 15, 2013

Making a decision

We thought about the different opinions of Winnie and Mrs Chumley-Spencer and these were some of our ideas:

  • Bats are harmless - they need protection
  • Bats suck blood and that could kill you
  • If a bat bites you, you could get a disease
  • Vampire bats don't live in England so they can't kill Mrs Chumley-Spencer
  • Bats need special protection so they are not killed by people 
  • Bats live in dark places like caves
We then had to decide whether we were going to help Winnie or Mrs Chumley-Spencer, so we had a decision alley and gave reasons why we should help one or the other. 

Decision alley

Night vision binoculars
It was a tough decision, but the WPIT employees who thought the bats need protecting managed to persuade lots of the other employees to help save the bats. One thing became clear though, we needed to actually make sure that they were bats that Mrs Chumley-Spencer had seen. She may have been mistaken. We thought that we had better go to her house when it was dark, wearing our black camouflage clothes and taking our night vision binoculars. We also had cameras and torches to help us look around the house. We found lots of. evidence and managed to get a photograph of a bat. Then one of the employees managed to catch one! We all had a good look at it before we set it free, then wrote up our evidence notes before turning in for the night. We will decide what to do with this evidence in the morning.

Sharing evidence with other employees
Evidence! Bat droppings!
Carrying the box with a bat in it
Finding the way with a torch

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