Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Poor Old Billy!

Poor old Billy had a bit of an accident last night! He went out on his bike at night to look for some urban foxes, but fell off and hurt his wrist! Poor Billy! 
We weren't sure exactly how it happened, but we had some good ideas about why he might have fallen off his bike. We thought he might have hit a log in the road, been hit by a car reversing out of a driveway, knocked off his bike by a fox and lots of other things! We also did some thought tracking about his feelings and decided he probably wasn't very happy. Poor Billy.

So we thought of some top tips for Billy to be safe and be seen! Look below for our posters too!

Here are our posters with advice for Backwoods Billy Baxter! 

Be Safe Be Seen Billy! on PhotoPeach


  1. I like how wonderful your school blog is .I like iSlas speech and I like Islas interesting words.

  2. I hope he's ok, was he wearing a helmet? The fox must have been very crafty to knock him off his bicycle!

  3. oh hope he is ok maybe he could of tripped up in his bike chain or something. he should wear a helmet, light reflectors on his bike, and high viz jackets just so he could be seen.


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