Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nocturnal animal guide books

WPIT  made some guide books to help Backwoods Billy Baxter learn about British nocturnal animals. We found out about their tracks and the sounds they make. More information coming soon Billy!

Here are Phoebe, Isla, Declan and Harrison's ibooks. More coming soon!

Ibooks for Backwoods Billy Baxter on PhotoPeach


  1. Hello 2/1,

    These are absolutely brilliant guide books to nocturnal animals, I am sure Backwoods Billy would be pleased to have the information they contain. I know they would help me if I were trying to film British nocturnal animals.

    Here in Australia, we have native owls and many marsupial animals who like to venture out only at night. We also have foxes but they aren't native to Australia. They were brought here many years ago by people wanting to go fox hunting in Australia but escaped. They are now a pest animal as they can hunt our smaller marsupials.

    Squirrels are also not native to Australia but once, when walking through Sydney's wonderful Taronga Zoo, a squirrel ran across the path in front of me. The sneaky little guy had escaped from an enclosure. :)

    I have never seen hedgehogs in Australia but I was once driving along a road in New Zealand and saw a small animal on the road. Fearing it had been hurt, I stopped the car to look. It was a young hedgehog. It wasn't hurt just very scared. I moved it off the road. Like Australia's foxes, the hedgehog was brought to New Zealand many years ago by settlers.

    Keep up the very interesting work. My university degree major was in zoology (the study of animals) so I loved reading your guide books.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  2. You are so clever putting all that information together! The presentation is fantastic! In Australia we don't know about all those animals. We do have owls and foxes.Foxes eat people's chickens and small animals in Australia. Your squirrels look a little like our possums. We think the badgers look very cute! Thank you for putting those i-books together. They have a lot of information in them.
    From Mrs. K and Room 4 at Craigburn P.S.


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