Monday, April 2, 2012

Luke's hundred word challenge

Won sunny day there lived a forest. Two people went to the forest, they where hunting for goldin jols in a chesher box. The chresher box was hiding nir a lake and the forist had a cave in the middle of the forist. The forest was jigantic the lake made the forist bigger and the cave. The cave was dark and the cave was long like a tond. The two boys got nir the lake but then the weather changed for the worst. They cod not see where they was gowing, but then the sun came out. The two children found the jols.


  1. What a brilliant story Luke! I have a good picture in my head of the setting and I know exactly why the children are there. How super that you managed to do it in slightly less than 106 words too. Well done Luke!

  2. thank you for putting my 100 word chaling on the class blog.


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