Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Asian Elephant Rescue Centre

A.R.C had a huge dilemma today when they received a phone call about rescuing an infant elephant. The elephant had fallen down a pit that the villagers had dug in an attempt to get rid of their rubbish. The trouble was that this was on the elephant's usual trail. A.R.C were happy to do this until they realised that the mother was so distressed that she was charging around and ramming everything in her way. When we did some thought tracking we realised that both mother and child were probably frightened, anxious and distressed.

Decision alley
So the employees at ARC had a huge dilemma. Do they risk getting hurt to rescue the elephant? The employees showed fantastic reasoning when we had a decision alley about why we should save this infant elephant. And so the decision was made. The next thing we needed to decide was how on earth we were going to do it safely.

How are we going to save them?
Reasons why the elephant should be saved

These are the ideas that the employees came up with for rescuing the elephant:

  • Making a ladder
  • Digging a tunnel to the pit
  • Using  a tractor or crane to get the baby out
  • Throwing in lots of rubbish so that the pit fills up and the baby will get to the top
  • Getting a brave employee to jump into the pit and tie a rope around the elephant
  • Getting a tranquilser gun to make the mother elephant go to sleep for two hours whilst we rescue the elephant
We thought that these were great ideas and someone decided that we would be able to get some tranquilisers from a zoo.  So Megan phoned a local zoo and sorted it out for us.

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