Monday, June 11, 2012

A very strange bag ...

We found a very strange bag today. It looked old and worn out. We thought it might belong to someone like Mr Gum. We weren't sure what to do, whether we should open it or not. We had a decision alley and shared our reasons why we should or shouldn't open the bag. 
We decided that we should open it, but before we did we thought about what might be in it. We had lots of ideas. We thought about how the person might feel who has lost the bag and did some thought tracking.

Then we opened the bag! We were very brave as some of us thought there might be dangerous things in there. What we found was some old looking bottles,
a magnifying glass
and a very old looking book.
The book was a field guide of Roydon Fen from 1969! We were very excited as it had a lot of paintings in it of some very odd looking creatures. Look!

Roydon Fen

A creature that is not scared of humans!

This one makes terrible noises

This odd creature can be seen hanging from trees

This creature is quite frog like.

We thought this creature had snakes coming from its head like another creature we have seen, but it was lily pads!

This bird like creature has arms and legs

This creature catches funny looking fish! We don't know if it eats them.

We have decided that the bag belongs to an explorer! We think that the explorer never finished his book and that there are probably lots more creatures to be found at the fen. It's a good job we are explorers too! We have made our own field guides and can't wait to get down to the fen to see what we can find.


  1. Class 2/1 - what a fantastic and exciting day you've had! I think I want to be in your class! I can't wait to read about all the things you find at the fen - good luck!
    Mr Kenyon from Ash Class :-)

  2. This is so exciting, I just wish I was there in the classroom with you, looking in the bag...I am desperate to know more! I cannot wait to read more of your field guides. Good Luck everyone!

  3. Looks fantastic!! Your last post inspired me to buy a beaten up satchel from eBay.


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