Thursday, November 24, 2011

Numicon - thoughts from the children

Yooncon is grat fun and you can maick luflee patuns. and you can cownt in tows.

and it is moatee culud. By Erin It helpt me with ods and evons and it is god fun plain with the youncon. By Katie

It helep me caunt and I like putin them in nub ordn. By Ethan

I like numicon becas you can make shaps with the numicon they make make you good at maths. By Liam

I like making shapes with it and patterns. I like making numbers and puting them on top of each other so they match and putting them in order and counting them. By Spencer (told to Miss Beckett)

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  1. Althe family likes to see sami and the children working,we would like to see all the children make a comment about there day, or lesson however small, thank you from the Self family


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