Monday, September 17, 2012

London Landmarks!

By Laylah
We have used the ipads to create some London landmarks art work today. What do you think? We use colour effects and art set. See some of Badger's blog posts about there work here on their own blog too!

By Max

By Phoebe

By Xanthe

By Lucy
By Morgan

By Jake
By Sami


  1. Such wonderful artwork of London. They are all so different and I love the effects that you have used. Well done, I'd happily hang these on my wall at home.

  2. Wonderful work today Badgers! I am so proud of you! From Miss BB

  3. These pictures look amazing. It was a great way to teach my class all the way over here in New Zealand about some of your famous landmarks. We will have to have a go at that app for the ipad as well.
    Hi From Room 9 and Whaea Josie in New Zealand
    (Whaea is maori out native language and is pronounced 'fire', it is a causal way to address our teachers instead of Miss or Mrs)

    Can't wait to see all your work over the week.

  4. Our class thinks your pictures are beautiful. Your pictures captured a lot of cool places in London. We enjoyed the bright colors that your students used on the pictures. Who took the pictures that you used? Our students would love to know what it is like in England?
    From P4
    Oahu, Hawaii

  5. We are going to write some letters to tell you all about England!


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